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1. save

para biriktirmek, kurtarmak
time and money

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2. economise

It's a tight budget, so we're going to have to economise if we are going to stay within it and not to overspend
Their reduced income forced them to economise.

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kurs perfect
Unit 12 - Państwo i społeczeństwo
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3. save up

I want to save up for a new computer
I want to save up for a new computer.
I'm trying to save up for a new laptop computer.
John’s saving up for a new car.
Michael's saving up for a new computer.

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4. conserve

This fact goes against the very title of the budget, which is to conserve natural resources.
We need to take action to conserve our forests.
nature conservation

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5. spare

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6. economize on

Agnieszka - Lista 10 P-E
Agnieszka lista 10 P-E
Agnieszka lista 10 E-P
Agnieszka - Lista 10 E-P
key struktures

7. put aside

Perhaps he will lay aside his problems and rise to this challenge...
Put it aside.
Robert put some money aside for his new car.
She has some money put aside for her old age.
She put aside a small sum every week to pay for her annual holiday.

Phrasal Verbs
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8. to save money

She wants to save a hundred pounds a month

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